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Join us,we together are contributing to environment & safety at sea.
Regulatory Compliance Service
 Brief Introduction of Company
 Current Business Service Area
Review Rules and Regulations / Laws
 Guidance For Implementation of MARPOL ANNEX V
 The Prevention of Pollution by Garbage From Ships
 Free Pollutants Removal Service In Inland Waters
 Implementation Plan on Domestic Emission Control
 Discharge standard for water pollutants from ships
 Supervision & Management of Ship Cleaning Operation
 Rules on the administration of shore power supply
 Raw Materials Replaced In Ship Repair For Recycle
 Chinese Laws on The Marine Environmental Prevention
 Regulations on China Port Opertions &Administration
 Admin measures on Credit Management in China waters
 Public Notification on ship enteringing China Ports
 The Ban on the import of Solid Waste and examptions
 List of PCR test Clinics accepted by China Embassy
 Coastal Guards Laws of People's Republic of China
 Guideline for Ports'frontline workers against COVID
 The Rules of Navigation Safety on Nantong Coastal waters
 Notice of foreign ships entering China Territory sea
 Sea Environment Protection In The Waters of Ningde
Review / Download Application Forms
 Electronic Notice of Arrival/Depart
 Ship Garbage Disposal Application
 Deslop Sludge Disposal Application
 Tank Cleanning and Waste Disposal
 The Disposal of Recycled Materials
 Ship Provisions Loading Application
 Ship Spareparts Loading Application
 Maritime prints Loading Application
 Medical Care Authorization &Appointment
 Sample Invoice of Applied Services
 Frequently Asked Questions on Contract
Sale & Purchase-Add informtion
 Add Ship for Sale
 Add Ship for purchase
 Add New building order
Port Call Operation Procedures
 How to sign an OSRO Agreement
 Electronic Notification procedure
Review Rules and Regulations / Laws
 Guidance for Port Fees and Charging Method
 Law of China Marine Environmental Protection
 Prevention Ship Pollution from Inland Waters
 Administration & Control of Marine Pollution
 Emergency Preparedness & Response on Pollution
 Supervision on Ship Bunker Supply & receiption
 Prevention & Control of ships'pollution at Sea
 China Port facility security rules& regulations
 Regulations of Ship Safety Supervision in China
 Maritime Traffic Safety Laws in The China Waters
 Chinese Laws on Solid Waste Pollution Prevention
 Rules on the ship waste removal in Shanghai port
 Ship pollutant removal in the ports at Liaoning
 Ship pollutants removal in the ports at Guangxi
 Ship pollutants disposal at the ports in Hebei
 Rules on the ship waste removal in Huanghua port
 China Laws on the control of Infectious Diseases
 Guideline for ship service at Zhoushan Anchorages
 Administration on importing recycled raw materials
Review Agreements and Response Tariff
 Sample OSRO Agreement (MSA Version 2012)
 LOA &OSRO Agency Appointment (IG viewed)
 SNP Shipbroker Appointment and Acceptance
 China All Ports Ship Agency Appointment
 Voyage Agency Appointment in China Port
 Ship waste removal & collection Agreement
 Certain Dangerous Cargo Onboard of Vessel
 Emergency PPE Response against COVID-19
 The Rates Sheet of OSRO Emergency Response
 Conditions For Maritime Admin. Licensing
 Frequently asked Questions on receipts
Sale & Purchase-View information
 View Ships for Sale
 View Ship for purchase
 View New building order
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