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Shanghai Highwoods Ship Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011.In accordance with the requirement of the rules and regulations of international sea water pollution preventions, i.e. MARPOL 1973/78 clauses and the related rules and regulations of pollution prevention in China , i.e the law of the People's Republic of China environmental protection,the law on the prevention and control of water pollution of the People's Republic of China,the law on the protection of the marine environment of the People's Republic of China,the regulations on the control of the environmental management of the marine pollution of the sea by the prevention and control of the marine pollution by the People's Republic of China The specific provisions on the prohibition of dumping of garbage, the prohibition of the discharge of toxic liquid substances, the prohibition of pollutant discharge in the protected area of drinking water, the prevention of overflow and leakage of Shipborne goods, Regulations on emergency preparedness and emergency disposal of marine pollution in People's Republic of ChinaDischarge Standard for water pollutants from Ship-GB3552-2018, Shipowners/operators shall sign a ship pollution cleanup agreement with the qualified ship pollution response orgnization(SPRO) .The SPRO contract needs to be finalized prior to ship arrival at Chinese exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Shanghai Highwoods Ship Co., Ltd. is an authorized SPRO agent for and on behalf of SPROs providing oil spill response operation(OSRO) coverage service at China all ports.To meet the requirement of Sea water Pollution preventions from Maritime Safety Administration and the requirement of Emergency Response operation when necessary. Shanghai Highwoods Ship Co., Ltd. is maintaining Maritime qualified resources at China all ports and always happy to assist ship owners/operators to fix all related maritime operations and services as soon as possible.

Regulatory Compliance Service

Sale and purchase shipbroker
Sale and Purchase Oil Products
Ship Pollutant Cleanup service
Low Sulpur Fuel Oil Supply Service
Emergency Response agency for Oil Spill
Ship waste collection at China all ports
Ship cargo forwarding agency service
Spare parts,equipment,provisions service
Related port/ship agency service required

As a nationwide SPRO agent , we have formed an united SPRO network providing continuously coverage at China all ports and coastal areas. As a professional marine agent, we provide free consultancy service at China ports on rules and regulations of ship pollution preventions.As an eligible vendor with shore facilities at China waters,we are providing service at 24hours a day ,7 a week. We believe that from us you will get high efficient service at the most competative price and are looking forward to contributing to environment protection science and to your great success.

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